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AutoCAD returns to Macs

Autodesk, which presented to the world a program that has become a standard in the field of architecture, design and engineering, announced its return to Mac OS, after 18 years of absence. The company has planned to do more than just present the Mac OS X version of AutoCAD. They promise to release the free AutoCAD WS version for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, which will allow users to view, edit and share AutoCAD files using these popular mobile platforms.

The company promises that AutoCAD for Mac OS X will be a completely native application using libraries, as well as features of the Mac OS X interface. AutoCAD for Macs will take full advantage of the operating system, including a graphic preview of the files created using Cower Flow, and use multi-touch gestures on MacBooks and Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad features for intuitive panning and zooming. Patterns of user behavior, such as a visual approach to drawing and managing drawings, were also included in the Mac version of AutoCAD.

AutoCAD for Mac OS has an API, which manufacturers describe as “extensive”, has flexible customization options and will allow users to easily adapt the system, its parameters and configuration to individual requirements, in accordance with existing workflows and project requirements.

Deliveries of new AutoDesk software promise to start in the fall. Mac OS X version will cost as much as Windows version - $ 3995 without a subscription to technical support and $ 4445 with it.
Apple has already managed to inform all of its editors in the media about the return of AutoCAD, today. The company is delighted with the fact that such a serious and necessary application is returned to the Mac.

AutoDesk stopped supporting Macs in 1992, and now the return of AutoCAD marks another recognition of Steve Jobs, Mac OS protection, and iOS strategies.

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