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Tariff selection for cellular. Evolution-Revolution

MyTarif - selection of a favorable rateApplication for Android analysis of traffic and calls MyTarif.ru project (nee SmartTarif.ru ) is one year old. All year the service expanded, improved and evolved :)
The main idea of ​​the service is to help in selecting the most advantageous mobile tariff, taking into account all the features of the user's communication style. At the same time all possible saving options and tariff parameters are used to the maximum.
Today we present to you, without undue modesty, a revolutionary step in the development of the service.

First, the selection of the tariff was based on the analysis of the detail of calls. It was reliable and relatively simple for us as developers. But it turned out to be inconvenient for users: the detailing is almost always paid, it must be ordered in confused personal offices, in general, he still has it.

Then a simple and understandable “tariff calculator” was born - the site visitor independently sets how many minutes he says, how many text messages he sends, how much the Internet downloads.
It is convenient for the user, quickly, but not reliably: not everyone will be able to say exactly how many sms per month he sends, and how often he calls to mobiles on weekends or on city nights. In addition, the valuable opportunity to suggest which number is more profitable to make “loved” is lost.

Selection of the best tariff among all operators Now we present you a new stage of development of the service - mobile My Tariff. There is no need to pay for call detailing, if all the necessary information is in the mobile phone! In many smartphones, call logs are available, as well as an archive of SMS messages and information about GPRS traffic. Or not in many, but at least in androids. As owners of Google phones, the developers realized their fantasies on this platform.
The calculations and rebounds are conducted on the server. The program "My Tariff" works as a generator of detail, which is then analyzed on the server and the results of the analysis are displayed immediately on the mobile.
Traffic statistics, SMS, calls At the start, the program displays information about the spent minutes, sms, the amount of mobile traffic spent. Logs of SMS and calls are easily accessible to the program, but with traffic counting, by the way, it was not so simple: the android stores just the amount of traffic after the last reboot of the phone. Those. without taking into account the start time of sessions, without specifying the size of individual sessions. And because of all sorts of tricks with the "rounding" of volumes, the calculations can be non-trivial. I had to make my own mini-demon, which would save the log of using GPRS.

Tariff description and transition to tariff, connection of options Right from the screen for a detailed description of the selection results, you can go to the selected tariff, or connect the proposed option. For example, by clicking on the “go to this tariff” button, a dialer with a filled in number will be opened to switch to the tariff. The user needs only to confirm the dialing of this number by clicking "call".

Thus, the procedure of selecting the best tariff is simplified to the maximum and becomes convenient and affordable. Hooray! :)
Regarding the relevance of tariffs - Moscow and St. Petersburg - almost 100% correspond to reality. We bring to mind Omsk, Novosibirsk. Over the tariffs of other regions still need to work. We select the tariffs of the big three and tele2. Tele2 tariffs are selected in all regions.

Download MyTarif
MyTarif on the Android Market
MyTarif.apk (70KB)

(Incidentally, in the course of development, a useful traffic calculation program was born, which we recently wrote about : TrafficStats )

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