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Registration for Startup Weekend is open.

October 1-3 in Moscow will be held the second Startup Weekend, organized by the holding Glavstart.
Startup Weekend is a three-day work session where you can turn an idea or a raw prototype into a thoughtful project with high chances of success.
The goal of working at Startup Weekend is not just finding a team of like-minded people. On the "weekend" projects work with highly qualified market specialists, who can later become a mentor in a particular project. How and under what conditions the expert works in the project, you can read on our website .

What happens before Startup Weekend, during and after:

September 25, a week before Startup Weekend, will be held brainstorm .
You can come to a brainstorm with a prepared idea or invent it right there. We are waiting for the brainstorm of those who are determined not only to come up with an idea, but also to take up its implementation.

About the time, place and conditions of participation in the brainstorming we will report in 2 weeks.

Startup Weekend

Presentation of ideas that have no prototype or team.
There are experts at the review who will work with the projects; there are people willing to take part in the development of ideas in the hall.
On this day, the authors of ideas will be able to assemble a team to start work on Saturday.

Presentation of projects at an early stage - prototypes with a team that is ready to continue working on projects.
Experts are watching projects.
At the end of the presentation - Speed ​​Networking project managers with experts. Teams and experts decide who is interested in whom and arrange the schedule of meetings on Saturday.
By Saturday evening, experts and projects determine who is more interesting, and decide with whom they will work more closely on Sunday.

Work on projects.
Final presentations during which investors are “eyeing out” the projects. Signing agreements of intent between experts and projects.

Beginning of November, Post Weekend :

Meeting projects and experts, signing mentoring agreements, attracting business angels to projects.

The next Startup Weekend will be held in Moscow on October 1-3.
You can register here .
Ideas and prototypes of projects with a description please send to idea@glavstart.ru

Attention! We want your work with experts to be more productive. In order to provide experts with information about projects in advance, we will close the registration of ideas and projects to the event no later than September 24, 2010.

If you think that you have enough experience and knowledge to become our expert, and also have a great desire to help young projects, please contact us at expert@glavstart.ru

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