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Reduction of the solution of the NP-complete problem "3-satisfiability" to an algorithm with polynomial complexity

Following the publication of P! = NP (for which, by the way, a refutation was published ), I would like to share a link to the article by V.F. Romanov, in which he shows how to reduce the solution of the NP-complete problem "3-SP" to a polynomial algorithm.

Let me remind you that any task from the NP class can be “polynomially reduced” to any of the NP-complete problems . So, if there is a polynomial algorithm for solving at least one problem, then potentially any NP-complete problem can also be solved by a polynomial algorithm.

image Vladimir F. Romanov, a professor at the ISIM department at Vladimir State University, has been trying to publish his work in journals with a high level of authority for several years, but reviewers simply do not want to take responsibility and publish this work, constantly motivating refusals with ridiculous formatting. For me, it looks ridiculous, because I have not met a more pedantic person than Professor Romanov.

At the moment, the article has been translated into English and I know that Vladimir Fedorovich is in correspondence with foreign magazines in order to publish it.

I publish here a link to his work in the hope that she will receive at least some resonance in scientific circles and will pay attention to her.

Unorthodox combinatorial models
based on inconsistent structures
Romanov V.F. (romvf@mail.ru)
Vladimir State University


Updated on 09/01/2010

Today I talked with Vladimir Fedorovich.

It turns out the English version of the article is next:

Non-orthodox combinatorial models based on discordant
Romanov VF (romvf@mail.ru)
Vladimir state university


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