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Tatarstan is becoming Russia's digital leader

Yesterday, on August 30th, the first real 4G LTE network in Russia was launched in Kazan. boomburum was at the event and will soon write more podroobobno, but for now you can watch a small video report from the scene from Anton Korobkov: www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UuyiPc6D08 and read this post.

“The leadership of the Republic of Tatarstan shows great interest in new technologies, actively promotes the introduction of modern means of communication and, most importantly, is already introducing them into everyday life,” said Yota CEO Denis Sverdlov. “In this regard, I want to say words of gratitude to the leadership of the republic, because there are no such examples when from idea to implementation takes about 2 months.”

On the first day of work, LTE showed completely wild speeds on unloaded base stations, sometimes higher than 50 Mbps. On average, LTE in operation will work several times faster than WiMax. The company emphasizes that this is not a test zone, but a pilot project. Yota operates within the allocated frequencies, in accordance with the technical specifications that were previously announced. “We submitted documents for obtaining the relevant permits for launching base stations on air in December 2009. We expect that the regulator will finish reviewing our applications as soon as possible, and also determine the specification of the standard, and we will be able to launch the network into test and commercial operation, ”said Denis Sverdlov at a press conference.

In Tatarstan, according to eyewitnesses, internetization has been launched with might and main - 4G will be in an ambulance (to send actual information even before arriving with patients to the hospital), from firefighters; 4G will be used for informational support of the Universiade, scheduled to be held in Kazan in 2013.

The experience of Kazan shows that Yota is able to build networks very quickly in the absence of obstacles from the authorities. “If organizational assistance ( non- financial) will be provided to us - there are no questions, we are ready to build a network in less than a year, as usual - in a quarter. After all, the most trivial question is to stand on the roof of municipal buildings or connect to electricity or deal with cable infrastructure, ”said Sverdlov during a press conference. In the near future, Yota intends to come to any cities of Russia with a population of 250 thousand people or more, if the local authorities of this city are interested in administrative support. The future is built on our eyes, you just need not to delay the time , for example, with the ability to access the rooftops and obtain all sorts of permits from ZHEKov.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103131/

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