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R01 lowered prices for partners

Yesterday, August 30, Registrar R01 launched a new affiliate program, the terms of which include lower prices for domain registration and service in the most popular areas. At the same time, new discounts are introduced on hosting services for partners of the company.

The new affiliate program contains an additional tariff “Partner R5” (RU - 225 rubles, SU - 370 rubles, a discount on all hosting tariffs of 30%). The conditions for switching to a more profitable tariff within the program have now become simpler and more understandable. The cost of services depends on two unrelated indicators - the total amount of payment and the number of domain names transferred from other registrars. For example, to replenish your balance by 1 500 rubles. or transferring to an account from 5 domains, you immediately go to the tariff "Partner R2" (RU - 310 rubles, SU - 460 rubles, discount on all hosting tariffs 5%).

Within the program, individual prices and batch registration are valid, at which the cost of registering and renewing a single RU domain is only 85 rubles!
Participation in the new program allows the partner to provide clients with all types of services (both domain registration and hosting), under a single agreement with the Registrar. In the event that a partner acquires the status of a reseller, he can use the R01 billing system to work with his clients.

In addition, thanks to the multifunctional API Registrar R01, partners can use their own software for working with domains.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103129/

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