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Enchanting demo of HTML5 features.


It seems that the technology of producing video clips recently acquired a new gold standard. The Arcade Fire band, performing indie-style music, has just released a new video for the track “We Used to Wait” from their new album The Suburbs. This video is an excellent visual demonstration of the capabilities of HTML5, Google Maps and the modern music industry.

The video “The Wilderness Downtown” was announced today in the official Google blog . The review also describes which technologies were used. The blog also says that this is a new word in musical induction, which can replace the hypertext descriptions.

The page is designed for the user to enter it using Google Chrome (Safari is not recommended - the page can “put” the browser) and will indicate the address of the house where he lived as a child. If Google Maps has enough data about the specified location, the “compiled” multi-browser movie will open to the user.
Impressions of watching this very personal video are not easy to describe, but usually the story of childhood ends with an accelerating time and the offer to write a letter to a young self. Look at your leisure, it's worth it

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