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Skype connect

Last night, Skype announced the official release of Skype Connect (in beta, it was called Skype for SIP), which is a business solution that allows PBXs that support IP telephony and unified communications (UC) to connect to the Skype network.
With Skype Connect you will be able to:

During beta testing, Skype Connect managed to recruit 2400 active users and obtain certification for compatibility with PBX and UC-systems of Avaya, Cisco, SIPFoundry, ShoreTel and other manufacturers. In addition, Skype Connect can work with old TDM PBX, using IP gateways from AudioCodes, Grandstream and VoSKY. To install and configure Skype Connect, you can use Skype Manager, a simple web interface to manage how Skype is used in a company. To support users of Skype Connect and Skype Manager, a special service was launched, including live chat right in the Skype Manager control panel.
In addition, Skype began to build a network of value-added resellers and system integrators under the Skype Channel Partner program, the details of which will be announced later.
The charge for using Skype Connect is € 4.95 / $ 6.95 per line (the number of simultaneously possible calls). Skype Connect calls are charged at standard Skype rates.
Read more about Skype Connect here .


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