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Google BlogSearch cooler Technorati?

Hitwise analyst Lee-Ann Prescott has published interesting statistics. Last week, according to the company, Google ’s blog search traffic exceeded Technorati ’s traffic (among US users).


The main factor that influenced the attendance of BlogSearch was the fact that in October a link to this search engine appeared in Google News. As a result, the share of “Google search blogging” in the search market increased by 168%. 60% of the traffic to it goes from Google News.
Last week, the attendance of Google BlogSearch for the first time exceeded that of Technorati. At the same time, Prescott notes, the proportion of traffic from Google News has decreased.

In general, as statistics show, Google knowingly uses the promotion of certain products on the search results pages. The current example is another proof of that. Of course, the results of Hitwise can not be called 100% accurate, but in general - it is worth considering.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/1031/

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