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Google just acquired another startup


This year, Google has concluded a large number of transactions, including those relating to the acquisition of small and large companies. It is no secret that the corporation pays special attention to promising start-ups that allow the company to be “ahead of the rest.” Now Google is actively socializing, and there is an opinion that soon all services (well, or most) of the search giant will merge into a single social whole, that is, into a social network. It is clear that such a social network will immediately become a serious competitor for Facebook, it is with this company that Google “fights”, so to speak, recently.

So, today on the main page of the launch of SocialDeck, a company that develops toys for mobile devices, it was reported that the company now belongs to Google. The exact amount of the transaction is unknown, however, a lot of money was clearly spent. “We are pleased to announce that someone is interested in our products, in this case, this“ someone ”is Google Corporation,” commented the purchase guide SocialDeck.
This company is distinguished by the fact that it was able to create social versions of games such as Pet Hero, Spell, Shake. And now the “corporation of good” has become interested in this social gaming startup. Yes, yes, a “social start-up” was bought again, and again Google is silent about questions about the purpose of such a purchase. That's right - because what can we say, everything is clear.

In general, everything is really moving towards the complete socialization of Google, including services that are just beginning to evolve. I wonder - who will be next in the corporation's shopping list?

In general, it would be interesting to imagine what the future of Google will look like - after all, even now the process of socialization is going very well, accelerating every day. As soon as the transformation process is complete, Facebook can really have big problems - after all, this social network will most likely lose Google very much in terms of usability, work efficiency and other parameters. But what to do, it will not happen very soon, so you just have to wait how it will look. How much is left to wait, what do you think?

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