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Soon it will be possible to play Starcraft 2 using the iPhone and iPad


It’s even scary to imagine how uncomfortable it should be to play Starcraft 2 on an iPhone or iPad, but developer Daniel Hellerman doesn’t think so. He is developing an iOS application called Starcraft 2 Gameboard, which will allow you to fully manage Starcraft 2 from your iPhone or iPad. The interface includes control using a minimap, detailed statistics on units, as well as touch access to the main game combinations and macros.

On the other hand, Blizzard is famous for its love to close projects that do not comply with the rules for using the company's products, and in this vein the future of the project seems doubtful. However, on the official website of the project it is stated that the program does not change the “native” functions of Starcraft 2, but only works as an external keyboard that is fully compatible with the game. In addition, the site is especially noted that the application is not a hack and is an absolutely third-party application.

The app should be available in September. Do you think it will be possible to play Starcraft 2 from your iPhone or iPad?


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103069/

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