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About one way how to speed up and simplify the creation of bookmarks in DjVu and PDF documents

Hi, Habravchane!

I want to share with you a solution to one small problem.

Often you have to read various technical e-books, which exist mainly in DjVu or PDF formats. It happens that there are no bookmarks in the books, and it is inconvenient to read technical documentation without the possibility of fast navigation through the document.
I didn’t want to spend a lot of time on manual creation of bookmarks, but I couldn’t find any universal software on the Internet so that you could edit bookmarks in a convenient way in DjVu and PDF documents. There is a true one good viewer for DjVu and PDF - the program STDU Viewer. This program can create bookmarks and export them to an XML file, but it does not provide any functions for writing bookmarks created in the document itself.

In addition, most documents have a text table of contents from which it would be possible to create bookmarks automatically.

In general, I began to think how the whole thing can be automated. As a result, wrote a small utility that solves the above problems. I called it HandyOutliner.

When developing, he focused on convenience and speed of work with the program.

The program is free. The page for download and more detailed information is here .

I would be glad if someone come in handy.

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