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Chaos Construction 2010. My impressions

Hello to all!

This weekend I visited the Chaos Construction 2010 festival for the first time, held in St. Petersburg for the thirteenth time, and am ready to share my impressions and photos.

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When I woke up on the morning of August 28, I threw a fotik into my backpack, made money, drink, and drove to the Kirovsky Metro station at 47, Stachek Ave.

It was a pleasant cool St. Petersburg weather.

I arrived at the place at 11, some dudes were crowding around the entrance.

They were not allowed into the hall, so I sat on the street and looked at people who approached.

At 12 o'clock began to let the hall. At the entrance they took 500 rubles, put on a bracelet with a bar code and passed into the hall. Also at the entrance were police officers who shmonali backpacks and selected food and drinks every time you passed them.

Every time when it was necessary to enter / exit it was necessary to giggle with a bar code. Those who were with laptops received a sticker on the laptop and at the entrance they also squeaked.

In general, I got into the big hall.

There were 2 halls - a large one, in which everything happened, except for seminars and an exhibition of pictures that took place in a small hall.

Before the official opening of the festival, I walked around the hall and looked at the stands of sponsors and partners.

MSI supplied 6 gaming laptops, on which one could play kvaka and Starcraft II smoothly.

There was a Headhunter, who invited to work in Oracle:

At the booth Gigabyte people indulged in nitrogen

and admired modding

And at this time on the screen works of the workers were twisted:

Finally, at 13 o'clock the organizers took the stage and officially opened Chaos Construction 2010

In general, the festival, in my opinion is sooooo unusual. Sometimes it seemed to me that I walk among aliens. However, the atmosphere was very friendly and even kind of family. Among the visitors could meet the whole family with small children.

Nothing absolutely bothered. There was a feeling that some people spent 2 days at the laptop or behind a game console and they were wonderful. Anyone who came to the fest could find something to do - if not to participate in contests, so to participate in battles in the gaming zone or simply to communicate with like-minded people.

The festival's audience is probably the most trick of the festival. The organizers managed to gather a uniquely motley company of people - hackers, demyschikov, electronics engineers, gamers, overclockers and many more interesting people.

However, the main theme of the festival was still the demoscene. In truth, I saw for the first time what it was, and indeed my main goal was to attend seminars where I went immediately after opening.

The first seminar is an IT breakthrough. I was late for him - I came to the very end and found talk about promising projects, venture funds, business incubators, United Russia, that everything is bad in Russian IT, and bad because Russian IT specialists are assholes can not raise, but in the United Russia in the meantime there are normal people.

The second seminar is Open Embedded. Nothing interesting. Feeling as if you read out loud an article from Wikipedia.

Then came the dude from the Moscow company TerraElectronica and told about what they sell in their stores. Also nothing interesting.

But then Alexander Chemeris spoke, who talked about Open Source Hardware. He told interesting, lively - I liked it. I found a couple of links for myself, like this one .

Then there were 2 reports about the safety of Dmitry Evteev and Nikita Tarakanov, the contents of which I did not remember.

After that there was a report by Taras Ivaschenko about the security of HTML5 - very interesting. I would like to predyashku it nadybat ...

After that, I wanted to hear about something called “Object-Oriented OS”, but, let the speaker forgive me, after 10 minutes of trying not to fall asleep, I left.

And at this time, people in the big hall were not sad
They listened to the story of the demo scene:

Watched demos

And voted on Sun Ray

And I went to look at the exhibition.

After that, I drove home, leaving geeks out for the night.

The next day, I arrived only at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, because in principle I didn’t want to listen to the advertisement seminars from MSI and Gigabyte. I was told that the seminar from Gigabyte was very tedious - the speaker talked about each of the super-duper technologies of his company and zadolbal everyone.

At 3 o'clock Alexey Sintsov , a researcher from Digital Security, began speaking in the small hall. He not only talked about the Windows security mechanisms (ASLR, DEP, SEH, etc.), but also showed how they work. In general, the smartest report turned out.

After that there were good reports about the SDRF from Vladimir Vorontsov and about ReactOS . By the way, ReactOS surprised with its stability - it knows how to launch the latest Firefox, photoshop and office.

At the end there was a seminar on fuzzing, from which I left, because nothing interesting was said there.

At the fest were seen nikitozzz and step from Hacker, Alexander Matrosov and many more interesting people.

In general, security topics were very popular on the CC10, as evidenced by the two-day HackQuest, which, in the end, nobody was able to cope with. One of the organizers said that half of the tasks did not, and that some organizers overdid it with tasks.
In the quest there were many different tasks - the implementation of various XSS, SQL-injection, Path-traversal, weak passwords, cracking cracks, etc.

Realizing on the second day that the tasks were complicated, the organizers posted tips

And in general, they had fun, as they could:

In the evening they held an art ration contest:

In general, not only men were interested in electronics:

Meanwhile, the night was slowly approaching, the sponsors turned down their stands, and the organizers began awarding the prizes:

Well, in the meantime, I, saturated with the atmosphere of a unique event and happy, went home.

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