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How we participated in the tender of the company "Coffee House"

In July of this year, our studio Greensight accepted an offer from Coffee House to take part in a paid (which is already quite unusual today) tender for the creation of four new holding sites (restaurants Coffee House, Vinegret, Asia cafe "and their holding company).

Of course, we gladly accepted the invitation. The guys from “Coffee House” immediately suggested that we sign a tender agreement, in which (again, surprisingly) it was clearly stated that there should be a signature in the basement of the site referring to the artist’s site. This fact has pushed us even more fully into battle.

At the stage of the competition, it was required to create two design concepts: for the “Coffee House” restaurants and for the holding. The main task for designers was to show that the sites of restaurants belong to a single holding. Of course, we were also sent some initial tender task with page requirements.
By the deadline set by the customer, we prepared both layouts and our commercial offer, with which we went to present our proposal to one of the holding offices.

The presentation, as it seemed to us, was quite successful and in a very friendly atmosphere. By the way, can not be said about some of our presentations for some large banks, where usually in an atmosphere of negotiation there was a spirit of mistrust and some inadequacy of the receiving party ...

By the way, here are the layouts that we made for the tender.



After almost a couple of weeks (against the promised couple of days), we were told that we lost, without any justification for our decision.

It is worth noting that in spite of everything, “Coffee House” paid us for participation in the competition (let the payment be purely symbolic).

We can only guess what exactly was the reason for the rejection of our offer: an unsatisfactory concept or a price of the offer. In addition, we are of course very interested in who won all the same (if someone here suddenly knows, tell me), because we don’t even know the names of our competitors (except that there were 4-6 companies in total).

Upd: it would also be interesting to learn the experience of habrasoobschestva participants in such events.

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