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Sony launches new α55 and α33 cameras with translucent mirror technology


Sony will be the first in the world to use translucent mirror technology in digital cameras.
Thanks to this innovative system, there is no need to raise the mirror in the process of shooting, which in turn will allow to achieve high speed burst shooting, up to 10 frames per second (for older models). For comparison, the Canon 1D Mark IV top camera demonstrates this shooting speed.

In addition, this system will help make the camera easier and fix the problem of accurate focusing while shooting video. Now you can use fast and accurate servo autofocus when shooting video.

The technology is undoubtedly promising, and can be a turning point in the development of DSLR cameras.

The beginning of deliveries - September 2010.
Price not announced.

Source: presscentre.sony.eu

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103045/

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