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Lifehack FTP: transfer folders and files

Sometimes you need to transfer not a large number of files and / or folders on the server, and access via ssh is not and is not expected in the future.

Let's try to solve this problem with the help of Total Commander.

The first decision "in the forehead" that comes to mind:

  1. We copy everything to the local computer
  2. create old folder
  3. upload all back
  4. Remove unnecessary copies.
Long and uninteresting; + This solution will suit us only if we have a wide channel and strong nerves.

Multi-Rename Tool

  1. Select the content that we want to transfer
  2. Ctrl+M , type in the Rename mask field something like this: old_[N] Start!
  3. Ctrl+M , Rename mask: [N]
    Search for: old_
    Replace wirh: old/ Start!
  4. ...
  5. Profit!

Everything! All data is transferred to the old directory without traffic.

PS The second and third paragraph could be replaced by one, but when trying to rename files directly to old/[N] we get the error:

ftp moving directories

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103043/

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