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Doctor Web has released a new product for protecting mobile devices - Dr.Web for Android

Currently, the popularity of the Android platform is growing every day. And traditionally, along with the interest in one or another operating system, the number of malicious programs created to infect it also increases. So, this August, 8 new types of malware for Android appeared immediately. Among them are several modifications of the Android.MobileSpy and Android.SmsSend family of spies that send paid SMS messages without the user's knowledge.
If for Windows, designed for desktop computers, there are now many different solutions, among which the user can choose the optimal one for himself, then users of new software platforms, who are quickly gaining popularity, remain the most vulnerable link and often become the target of malicious users.

Dr.Web for Android has been in beta testing for a month since July 26, 2010. During this time, the program managed to get into the TOP of popular free applications on the site www.android.com/market - it was downloaded about 130,000 times!

The product scans the entire file system of the mobile device, including the "closed" area in which the user applications are located. Detected malicious objects Dr.Web for Android moves to quarantine.
When the file monitor is turned on, Dr.Web for Android automatically checks each program that is installed in the internal memory of the mobile device and each file recorded on the SD card.

To install Dr.Web for Android, you must:

Download the Dr.Web for Android installation file.
Connect your mobile device to your computer using a USB connection.
Select the option to recognize the mobile device as a disk.
Copy the drweb-600-android.apk file to the SD card.
Disconnect the mobile device from the computer.
Launch any file manager on your mobile device (for example, ASTRO from the Android Market).
Open the / sdcard folder and find the drweb-600-android.apk file there.
Start the installation through the standard application manager.
To download Dr.Web for Android from the Android Market:

Access Android Market from your mobile device.
Find and select Dr.Web for Android.
Click Install.

Attention! The free right to use Dr.Web for Android is granted to all buyers of the products Dr.Web Security Space Pro, Dr.Web Bastion Pro and Dr.Web Anti-virus.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/103030/

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