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Google will launch the movie pay-per-view service again.


Earlier this year, Google launched a pay-view movie service in test mode, for which five “test” pictures were laid out. At that time, the project failed miserably, earning only 10 thousand US dollars in a few days, which is ridiculously small for YouTube, a service of similar magnitude. But Google, it seems, has not abandoned its own plans, and now negotiations are underway with leading Hollywood studios and other partners. The essence of the negotiations is to provide films for paid viewing on YouTube. According to the plan, the service will have to become very large-scale, in fact, it will be a global online cinema, where watching movies for money will be available to all.

Interestingly, the negotiations, in general, and did not stop, for quite some time the company has been discussing with copyright holders the possibility of launching such a service, where films can be viewed directly in the browser. It is clear that at first all this will be tested in the United States, after which the service will be available for other countries. Unfortunately, detailed information is currently unavailable, it is not known when this service will be launched, nor is the exact list of countries unknown.
Interestingly, in case of a successful launch of this project, Google automatically becomes a competitor to Apple in the multimedia market, where the latter is still the leader. With all this, Google will be able to start the service of paid viewing of films with much lower costs than any other company would require. The corporation already has everything that is needed, the technical base is ready for a long time, it remains only to agree with the owners.

Over the past few weeks, negotiations with Hollywood studios have intensified, and it seems that everything is moving towards the completion of negotiations, and the launch of the project itself. By the way, this week Apple is planning to launch the previously announced iTunes service functionality, where the video will be shown, plus sales of Apple TV will begin.

Most likely, the cost of watching a new film will reach $ 5, for watching previously released films, which premiered a few months ago, the show will cost less than $ 5, but the exact amount is not yet known. And by the way, after the launch of the service from Google, new films will immediately be laid out, a couple of days after the premiere of pictures in cinemas.

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