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Audio processing via Audio Data API

A group of enthusiasts from among the Firefox developers have completed an experiment in JavaScript processing of audio streams from audio and video elements. A couple of days ago, the results of their work were published on the Mozilla Central portal in the section Audio_Data_API . There are some really great demos out there . This development is likely to be included in the version of Firefox 4.

Work demo

FFT visualization (using JavaScript)

Real-time audio overlay

JS IIR filter

Vocoder formant with carrier signal
Biquad filter example

Sample graphic equalizer

Delay effect , below the video of the old version

Reverb effect

Sound generation and playback

Javascript sampler

SamplePlayer, SampleLoader, sequencer and keyboard

Meander generation

Electronic noise generation

Harmonic generator

Script for sound text

Baby piano

Shaker Csound, ported to JavaScript via Processing.js

Rhythm detection (also demonstrates WebGL capabilities for 3D visualization)


cubicvr.org/CubicVR.js/bd3/BeatDetektor2HD.html (video of the old version)




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