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Does Blogger use Picasa repository?

Replenishing my blog on Blogger with another post, I decided to upload a picture. In the opened window to the right of the Upload Image button, a place for a “tick” appeared, having put which, I agree with the rules for using Picasa (!).

The link next to the "tick" leads to the English version of TOS Picas. Having opened Picasa Web Albums, I found a link to TOS, but in Russian (not a word about Blogger, moreover - it is said that the main version is the English version, but the link again leads to the Russian version). I climbed on my web albums - images uploaded to the blog did not appear in them.

Unfortunately, I did not guess to take a screenshot, and the next time this tick no longer appeared. However, those using Blogger can try it out for themselves.
There were rhetorical questions:
- why do I need to accept TOS Picasa, if src pictures still remain blablabla.blogger.com?
- why is the downloaded image not visible in web albums?
- correctly it turns out that once I accept TOS Picasa, I will spend 250 MB allocated for web albums?

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/1030/

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