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The first swallow - VTB24

image Replenishment of an electronic wallet with a bank card is a convenient option in all respects. Therefore, recently this method has also been added to the QIWI Wallet replenishment methods. First sign: now users can replenish their Wallet with any card of any bank at any VTB24 ATM: instantly and ...
no commission .
VTB24 has a very wide network of banking machines throughout Russia. The entire list of ATM addresses can be found here .

The replenishment process is very simple: to make a payment, you need to specify the code - 1412 and the mobile phone number to which QIWI Wallet is registered:

And get a check :
Payment is made by cards of international payment systems VISA and MasterCard, including Cirrus / Maestro and Visa Electron, both issued by VTB24 and other banks . As well as in cash, subject to one-time payment in the amount of not more than 6 000 rubles.

In addition, there is the possibility of replenishing QIWI Wallet through the “Telebank” system , which allows you to manage bank accounts and cards using the Internet, mobile or landline phone.

A detailed ATM card is located here . It is especially pleasant that a large number of ATMs are located in St. Petersburg, where QIWI terminals are few - 316 . In Kazan, where they complained about the disconnection of QIWI terminals, there are 34 ATMs. In Moscow and Novosibirsk - 186 and 69, respectively.
ATMs that have a cash in function provide for the possibility of replenishing not only with a card, but also cash - under the same conditions.

Freelancers can recommend this method of payment to their customers. Do not forget to remind them only that you need to enter your QIWI Wallet number.


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