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I am looking for an adequate employer

Surely, many of you, when looking for a job or an employee, saw ads with the words: “An adequate programmer is required ...”, but hardly anyone saw that they were looking for “a job with an adequate employer”. With the onset of the crisis, for some reason I stopped carrying with “normal” employers. Who is to blame: businessmen, me or a crisis?

Below observations in the III episodes on this topic.

Episode I - “The Aftermakers”

This episode is described in detail in my blog , so here I provide only a brief summary.
Arranged to work at home on sites on automotive topics. I made a test site for the precise TK provided to me. Paid for the work. I gave the work book. Part of the money turned out to be fake. Tasks began to give the other person. Work has begun on reworking an already made site and creating a site to display the position of cars on the map. Accurate tasks ended, the hassle and swearing began. Gone. The work record with experience since 1979 is “lost”.
Note: never give your employer an employment record book without an employment contract.
Episode II - “Medpiarets”
I was offered a remote job to develop and support medical company sites. When applying for a job, I noticed that the site looks quite unimpressive for a fairly large and old organization, and even with a quick glance, there were a lot of different errors. I did not attach any importance to this and agreed to a trial period.
The week of the trial period was already ending, and I’ve scratched various people with logins and passwords for hosting and admin boxes of their external and internal sites. You must admit that passwords are not lost with an adequate employer.
Finally you could try to work. It turned out that the main external site of the company is in the power of one person - the PR director and my task is to immediately fulfill his whims. All my proposals were immediately rejected by him and he made me understand that he needed only working hands without a head. It immediately became clear why they have such an unfinished site, they simply do not allow it to be updated, because All the work on the site is only in fast-paced numerous problems. I did not like this job and I left. I was not paid anything, well, even though the workbook was given without problems.
Note: when applying for a job, find out who will prioritize you in solving several tasks at the same time. If you agree to the planning of working time by you, you may not have time to complete the entire rapidly changing list of tasks that the manager wants to see tomorrow.

Episode III - “Sea Tales”
Recently, I was offered a remote job just in a fabulous place. It was necessary from scratch, on your CMS to make a big fancy catalog of ship equipment. After that, I was promised to take a job to support this project. True, they promised little money for this kind of work, but after all, I was waiting for a job for a white salary! Without a contract, for the phased payment in cash, I agreed to the offer.
I was given competent TK, promised a week later to provide a coherent design, paid an advance and work began.
A month has passed, the second has passed, the admin panel has been made and it was necessary to start building the site, but there was no promised design. In coordination with the manager, I had to make a site without design. A month later, the site was ready and transferred to the employer for testing. We also agreed with the manager that when the design will be ready, I will screw it to the site for a separate payment.
I asked the employer to send me a list of comments. A few days later, the manager, with whom I mostly communicated, said that he could not write me a list of comments, but he wanted to show all the errors and comments on the screen via Skype. Did I ask for something supernatural? For an inadequate employer, probably - yes. Finally, two weeks after numerous altercations, I received a list of comments and corrected them within a day.
After that, I asked the manager when I would be paid for the last part of the work? The manager said that the management had forbidden him to pay me until the moment I attached a design to the site that would not be known when.
As a result: not all the payment was received, the work was not found, and I no longer want to continue any relationship with this organization.
Remarks. If you like everything when you apply for a job, and the future place of work seems fabulous, most likely you have something to keep back. Try to collect more information and feedback about the future place of work, perhaps the reviews will return you from the clouds to Earth. Do not take at face value, everything that you are told and promised, tomorrow they can say just the opposite. Therefore, just in case, it does not hurt to record the conversation on the recorder. Communicate on financial matters only with the person who really has the right to solve it.

What I understood from the above adventures:
1. If your future employer is late for an interview with you or the interview did not take place at the time it was scheduled, this may indicate that the employer cannot plan either his or your time, and therefore you can expect inappropriate actions from him .
2. Try to conclude an agreement in which your duties are clearly stated or require at least a clear TK. If the employer cannot formulate the task in a way that is understandable to you, this indicates its inadequacy.
3. Ask about the quality in which you are employed, as a specialist, whose opinion will be listened to or only as slave workers. If you have a lot of experience, and you are taken to the second option, then this clearly indicates the inadequacy of the employer.
4. Find out how many people will give you tasks and what you should do if the tasks from different people contradict each other. If you do not have a job coordinator, or you are not given the right to coordinate work, then the employer is inadequate.
5. If you are told that you can plan your work day yourself and set priorities, it is likely that your manager cannot make the right decisions. The unwillingness of a manager to prioritize work may indicate his inadequacy.
6. If the site of your employer does not have enough information about the company or the site is unfinished, this also indicates the inadequacy of the employer.
If your future employer falls under more than 1 of these points, consider whether it is worthwhile to get a job in a problem area.

PS All of the above may apply to companies with up to 100 people. I have no experience of working in larger companies; perhaps, working with very large companies has its own specifics.

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