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Bringing the look of Ubuntu to Windows 7

There is such a package that will help you automatically adjust the appearance of your Linux distribution, similar to the appearance of the Windows 7 operating system. It is called Win2-7 Pack (for Gnome) and Vistar7 (for KDE). The new look of the programs is preserved even in applications launched in Wine. The package uses Firefox as a web browser, which has a plugin that allows the browser to look like Internet Explorer with Aero effects. The package also replaces greetings, icons, animations, wallpapers, cursors, fonts, and more.
Recently released version of the package at number 5.8.

To download, go to this page or execute the following commands in the terminal:

wget lite.fr.nf./rf wget lite.fr.nf./rf - download package (45.3 MB)
unlzma Win2-7Pack-filename.tar.lzma
tar -xvf Win2-7Pack.tar
cd Win2-7Pack_v5.8_Multilang_Aero

And then, to install, run the script - ./GUIInstall.sh
By the way, to uninstall, run such a script - ./GUIUninstall.sh
And a screenshot to show the package actions:


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102991/

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