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Low cost marker board

What is a marker board and with what it is, probably, everything is already in the know. And this post is about the version of a homemade board. To do such a thing in our office I was driven by the Yandex office, with their walls covered with a film, on which you can write with a marker. Less than a month, I decided

A little googling reveals that there are two types of vinyl film that can be used for our venture: simple glossy white and special for marker boards. The first is 127 rubles, the second is more than 600 per linear meter. The budget was modest, so the choice did not torment us.

Calling a couple of advertising firms, I found a seller in our town, I bought 4 running meters, by the way, we used only 2 of them, and presented two to my wife for educational purposes. The width of this film is almost one and a half meters, so that even half of the purchased area is more than enough. It is very easy to cut such a film, because there is a cage on the reverse side:

Already in the office, a surprise was waiting for us in the form of wallpaper “for painting” with relief. The film is self-adhesive, but very thin, and so that everything works as intended, it is impossible to glue the film on such a surface. Therefore, we decided to leave the film on the substrate (it is thick, like a light paper paper), and glue it to the wall with adhesive tape. At the same time, they assured themselves that this decision was temporary (aha, nothing is more permanent, like what is being done temporarily).

After hanging the board, it remains for the small thing - to make a stand for the markers. For this role came some kind of plastic bottle and screw.

After that, it was possible to proceed to testing. The board proved to be excellent:

However, there are problems - if the marker is not erased for several days, then you need to use a damp cloth, and at the same time a very pale trace remains.

Still, it would not hurt to fasten a sheet of GVL or plywood to the wall, and already stick a film to it. Although then we would have exceeded the budget.

In general, the recording surface was excellent, the end users are satisfied:

The cost of the board is 254 rubles , and this is good news :)

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102956/

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