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Teeworlds no more

On the official site of the game, instead of the picture of a kavai bun, the following text now awaits us:

Teeworlds is no more.
Because of the destructive nature (server attacks, spam, etc.) of some players, I decided to stop the support of Teeworlds. This is a complete removal of the brain, when these same players do nothing but spam, attacks and destruction of things that I spent so much in my time creating.
Someone repeatedly carried out DDoS attacks on servers. But the last time my cup of patience is already overflowed: this someone started spamming our channels in IRC, writing messages in private and notices to some people. I'm just tired of wasting my time on these. Honestly, this is no longer funny, assholes.
For all the rest, normal players in Teeworlds, I want to say: sorry, that came to this.

I talked here with whom, and as a result there were people who would support all this. I will assign people responsible for supporting the project and then everything (and the site, and everything else) will come back. But personally, I will not do anything for Teeworlds, except perhaps coding from time to time.

Teeworlds gurus (not found)
Admin Server (found)
Admin Site (not found)
Admins on the forum (found)
Development Head (not found)
IRC channel operators (not found, but easy to find)

Whoever hears about this game for the first time, can read the article in Wikipedia .
Still, closing the site is not the end of the game itself. For example, we have already begun to take some preventive measures in case of a pessimistic version of events. Teeworlds will live, definitely!
After talking with foreign colleagues, I learned that the official master servers would still be closed, but when it is not known. An alternate masterserver will open, one already launched by Cottizen. The other day I will do and lay out the assembly of the game with new masterservers.

The text on the site has been updated, now everything is more optimistic :) As for their master servers, we decided to wait for the further development of the situation.

The site has earned. So the alarm is canceled, waiting for what will happen next.

Slightly (well ... not so slightly, but better late than never) belated update ... Matrix found people and Teeworlds will continue to exist as if nothing had happened :)

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