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Announcement of the program Russia GTUG


Hello, habra-community!

For about a year, I have been developing Google Technology User Groups in St. Petersburg and Moscow. There are certainly not two groups in Russia - there are more of them, but in the world there are so many in general !
During this time, we managed to visit both Google offices in Russia, talked with their specialists, conducted seminars on various technologies, and much more.
Was it interesting? I think it is better to ask the community in St. Petersburg or Moscow .

As a man I am megapractical I think that the study of various technologies and listening to the seminars should be either the use of the acquired skills and knowledge in the work, or in their own projects, or to translate cool ideas into the life of the Web.

In the process of organizing and conducting GTUG events (especially participants who are dedicated to their own projects, as was the case at the first meeting in Moscow), I noticed that a lot of great ideas have no continuation. The reason for this is not too lazy to read the documentation on a particular technology, but the understanding that it will be impossible for one to achieve successful implementation of the idea - there is no warrior alone in the field! Think of yourself, how many times have you had a million idea? A team or resources to support, alas, was not. And 80% of potentially successful projects cannot even reach the demo.

Last year, I learned about the Plug and Play Tech enter - to be honest, I was amazed how well and creatively work with startups and projects was organized there, and just as distressed that in Russia this is only in its infancy.

I asked myself: “What did you do to change the situation?” - I am sure that every IT person should ask himself the same question.

And today I announce the resource Russia GTUG - www.russia-gtug.ru .

The purpose of the resource is simple: to give cool ideas / projects / startups the opportunity to find everyone who is needed for the successful implementation of the idea. Be it developers, designers, web designers, SEO, or investors.
On Russia GTUG, both Russian IT specialists and foreign ones will be able to familiarize themselves with the projects on a centralized basis.

The GTUG community is huge, there are GTUGs around the world (about 150 groups), their number is constantly growing, and Russia is no exception: just last week a group appeared in Krasnodar .

So, friends, you can attract developers to the project from both the Russian GTUG communities and from foreign ones. In my opinion, the opportunity to work with foreign colleagues on one project will be a good experience of international relations for any team.

To post your project on the Russia GTUG website, you need to follow a number of simple rules , the main of which is the presence of a project description or idea in Russian and English.

The best projects hosted on Russia GTUG , Google will provide an opportunity to make a presentation at the Google Developer Day (GDD) 2010 conference, which will be held in Moscow on November 12! Registration for GDD will open very soon, I advise you to closely monitor the office. blog and twitter !

Also, in preparation for GDD, I’m in charge of selecting your demos for Google HTML5 and Chrome Apps. Send your HTML5 demos or Chrome Apps in a separate letter to the address listed at the end. We are waiting for interesting projects and ideas!

Website Russia GTUG powered by App Engine =)
so there is an understudy in case of load problems:
the main one is www.russia-gtug.ru
doubler - www.russian-gtug.ru
twitter - @russiagtug

Sincerely, Arkady Khachkovanian
organizer of russia / moscow / spb-gtug.ru,
All questions, suggestions, suggestions send to set112gm@gmail.com

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