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Presents gadgets for Samsung Galaxy Tab: HDMI dock, leather case, keyboard

It seems that Samsung decided to open the veil of secrecy before the release of their expected 7-inch Android tablet computer. The other day, a list of accessories was released that will be released specifically for the new device. Further a brief overview of the most interesting of them.

Of greatest interest is the desktop charging station (in the photo on the left above), which has built-in HDMI and audio outputs, which will allow you to watch video from the device on the big screen. The stated price is about $ 69

Another interesting and useful gadget is a pluggable keyboard. The only thing that puzzles is the price, it is about $ 105.
No less useful can be a leather case, the price of which is only $ 52.

It is worth noting that these prices are very indicative, because they can either increase or decrease.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102946/

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