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Sony successfully fights PS Jailbreak


Recently on Habré there was a joyful news for many fans of good games that the guys from Australia had cracked the PS3, and now on this game console you can run unlicensed discs and disk images. Understandably, Sony could not leave such an incident without attention, and tried as quickly as possible to prevent the threat. It seems that this company succeeded (at least for a while). In general, the company went to court and the authorities went forward - the sale of the USB dongle PS Jailbreak was temporarily stopped.

Almost immediately on the websites of all retailers there were reports that the dongle is not on sale. True, the detailed characteristics of the goods sold so far remain practically on all sites of retailers, including Quantronics. In addition to the characteristics, on the website of the same Quantronics, it is the largest retailer of this product, a message has been published, which includes the following notices that the company will not:
1. Import PS Jailbreak;
2. Distribute PS Jailbreak;
3. Offer PS Jailbreak for sale;
4. Transfer to third parties;
5. To work with the product in any other way;

True, on the same site posted a message that sales will resume August 31, 2010. Apparently, it is up to this number that the sale of dongle issued by the Australian authorities is in force.

Interestingly, PSJailbreak.com does not mention on its pages a ban on the distribution of PS Jailbreak, the addresses of retailers all over the world are still displayed there. For the sake of interest, I went to the site of an American retailer, there is a message that while there are no dongles on sale, but “on Monday there should be a large consignment of goods”.

In general, it seems that Sony will not last long with its ban. So far, this company has managed to suspend sales of goods, but such things can hardly be eliminated - if PS Jailbreak is not sold legally, then in a week these dongles will appear in niche pirate shops (perhaps under a different name). In addition, there are rumors that domestic hackers were able to crack the PS3 firmware, and their device does not cost 170 USD, but 500 rubles (but, again, these are just rumors, I saw a couple of such messages on the forums). It may well be that the product of domestic masters is just a “duck”.

In the meantime, we expect PS Jailbreak to appear in the CIS countries.

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