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Organizer LeaderTask: How to work effectively


“Money is expensive, human life is even more expensive, and time is the most precious.” (Alexander Suvorov)

It’s no secret that all people want to work less and get more results. Ie in less time to get more results. Using the LeaderTask organizer just leads to a more rational use of personal time. The old workload will be completed in less time.

First of all, LeaderTask is a tool for managing personal time. It serves for scheduling tasks, meetings, project management, staff, and also processing email messages. LeaderTask allows you to organize your business management system with which you will achieve your goals faster / more efficiently.
LeaderTask is ideally suited for applying the world-famous methodology for improving the effectiveness of Getting Things Done (GTD) from the gurus of time management David Allen. LeaderTask can be used as PIM - i.e. just store any information in it: - contacts, notes, mail, documents, etc.


In general, LeaderTask has many necessary functions for a business person: Tasks, Mail, Projects, Contacts, Notes, Reminders, Synchronization with PDAs, with Outlook, export / import to various formats, support for extensions (plug-ins), network version ... Also LeaderTask has a version for PDA (Windows Mobile) which allows you to synchronize with the “big” LeaderTask on your PC and have all the necessary data with you.

At this link you can download the full version of the organizer that will work 45 days: http://www.leadertask.com/download/leader.exe

I would like to hear from respected community members about our organizer.
( www.leadertask.ru ), who organizes his time how - what was pleasant / disliked in our product.


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