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Lenovo has developed its own gaming console.


Recognized players in the gaming market (such a pun) Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo will soon face a competitor. The fact is that Lenovo has developed its own game console, which will soon enter the market. True, it is now known that the first step in the implementation of such a console will be to promote it in the Chinese market. It is understandable, where else can you find such a huge audience of gamers?

This will happen at the end of the year, the console is already ready, now only the concept of promoting eBox, the device in the market, is called. Jay Chen, spokesman for Lenovo, said that the company "sees in gaming consoles a field of activity with great potential."
The company has been working on the eBox concept for quite a while, but only now a solid team has been assembled to work on this project. In fact, a “console” division of Lenovo was formed, which, of course, got its own name - Beijing Eedoo Technology. Incidentally, eBox, apparently, is not just a clone of the "lower level" of the currently existing gaming consoles. This device has collected the best (according to company representatives) from existing consoles. For example, there is a functionality that has just recently been introduced by Microsoft with Kinekt technology.

Now, according to one of the company's senior executives, Beijing Eedoo Technology is the second company in the world that will produce gaming consoles for which a manipulator / joystick is not required.

In principle, there is nothing surprising in the appearance of a new gaming console - it is even strange that this has not happened so far. For example, some time after the appearance of Wii, Microsoft and Sony presented similar technology for their consoles. Now, at once, several technologies specific to gaming consoles of well-known manufacturers will be implemented in Lenovo's eBox.

So far there is no more detailed information about this new console, which is understandable - after all, any company keeps everything secret before launching new products (this is not Apple, whose engineers are losing new phones in cafes), but the management promises that everyone will soon find out .

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