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MPEG LA (licensed association) removed restrictions on AVC / H.264

MPEG LA (licensed association) forever abolished payments to AVC / H.264 codec for free (for-free) view broadcast on the Internet.

However, licensing requirements for the encoder will apply not only to Blue-ray Disc manufacturers, but also to VoD systems on the Internet, such as Hulu + and iTunes.

It is assumed that the cause of this act is the release of WebM by Google. It is easy to assume that the growing popularity of WebM may well shake the position of the AVC / H.264 codec.
However, the following questions remain:
1) Can MPEG LA “play back” and change license requirements?
2) How do the words "free-to-view" and advertising on the pages and in the player?

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102867/

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