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YouTube has opened a free movies section.


Now Google’s favorite service from Google has become even more famous - after all, developers have officially opened a section with a large number of free movies . Currently, there are more than four hundred films in this section that can really be watched for free (and no SMS for you in the midst of viewing, yeah). It is worth noting, however, that among these films it is impossible to find the latest innovations rolled out, most of the pictures presented in the Movies section, came out before the 90s.

Of course, one might think that this section contains something that no one needs anymore, but there are really popular films there, with the participation of, for example, Bruce Lee - after all, until now, Lee's fans are watching and reviewing tapes with his participation.
Surprisingly, the films in this section appeared thanks to an agreement between Google and such giants as Lions Gate Entertainment Corp., Sony Pictures and MGM (and it’s exactly these companies that own the rights to a huge number of motion pictures). It has already been repeatedly reported that a section with films is about to appear, however difficulties with rights holders prevented the appearance of the expected section. Showing free movies will be accompanied by advertising (well, as without it, darling), which will earn the right holders.

Note that back in 2010, YouTube tried to launch the actual, in principle, movie rental service, which closed even faster than Wave literally ten days after its appearance. It was closed for the simple reason that the right holders did not receive the expected amount of funds, and in ten days the service earned only ten thousand American dollars, which is a ridiculously small amount for such a giant.

Well, perhaps, this time the scheme of work with copyright holders will justify itself. Hopefully, it is true that after some time newer films will appear in this section, which still also want to see. It seems that with the advertising shown in the show of new products, the right holders will receive much more money than it can be with old movies. But who knows, all this can instantly begin to diverge into not particularly legal online cinemas, of which there are thousands.

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