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Mafia 2 - interesting facts [Update!]

I think many have already managed to play, and even go through this long-awaited game. However, it turned out that the game is in some way curtailed.


For example, early developers promised us a free-ride (free play mode) . In fact, it was not there. The case gained an interesting turn, when in the mafia ii \ pc \ sds \ missionscript folder we found the file freeraid_main.sds. When unpacking this file, there were also mini-missions. Then in the text translation file, you can also find some information on the freeride and you can find such main menu items as “Fast Race”, “Fast Fight”, “Free Game” (free ride). Then they decided to launch this freeride, with the help of a beta crack , which launched Chapter 10. It was enough to rename the files. And, the free game started. Some say that in the main menu this mode appears only after passing the game at 100%. But no one has been able to verify this.

Steel arms

Go ahead. The developers also promised cold steel . Yes, and in many videos it was. For example, here , starting at 5:03. In fact, it was not again. However, in one of the texture files found images of cold weapons!


It was said that we will be able to go along one of the 3 paths of the plot development , depending on which family we will enter. However, the plot was too linear , and we did not have the freedom of choice.


In this video, starting at 1:34, there is a mission that, as everyone expected, will appear in the game. However, it was not.


The multiplayer story is similar to the freeride story. Some craftsmen still found such a piece of code in the demo version.


All on the same video on the mini-map, you can watch the traffic. There is no such thing in the game. Yes, and here for this gameplay, we have some freedom of choice, and the AI ​​itself is more intelligent. For example, when passing by passers-by by car, they do not rush in different directions. You can still write about many things ...


The developers have removed many of the chips for which they were waiting for this game. It turned out as if another demo version. Recently, the 2k forum fell due to the influx of angry players. However, the game was interesting. It was interesting to pass - and this is important. Perhaps the shortcomings that are now fixed with the help of DLC .

UPDATE: Unlocked freeride in the main menu. Now, when you start, you can even choose the weather and the time of day and the season. Tyts here .

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