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Interesting tasks for the junior - a myth or reality?

I argued with my classmate about whether a junior can get interesting tasks.
His position is such that he would like to find a job, where he will immediately be put in some new project (not support, but development), with new technologies (Spring not lower than 3.0, Hibernate not lower than 3.5, and so on), and will give "some interesting task." He had already worked for several months on a 6-year project without any framework - only servlets and JSPs with JSTL - he did not like it and he left, hoping to find something more interesting.

I think that the option that he describes is, of course, more interesting and attractive, but much less real. During my working month, I was able to learn and try a lot of things, in my opinion, about a not so modern project (Spring 2.5, iBatis 2.3, Oracle 10g). I may not have had the opportunity to go deep into the Java core, learn more about the design patterns and so on, but I managed to figure out the basics of servlets and JSP, some of Tomcat’s features, and learn the basic principles of Spring’s work (for example, DI and the MVC implementation), worked with PL / SQL and many more. Yes, my last task (transferring inline SQL to stored procedures) has been going on for a week now and probably the same will last, but even within it, I still have some incomplete tasks that still bring me fan and experience. He, for example, does not want to develop stored procedures on PL / SQL, but wants to write more java-code, because he wants to “develop as a Java developer”.

Judge us. Whose truth is truer?


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