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Microsoft has announced a new flight simulator Microsoft

I noticed that this news did not slip here ...
Everyone remembers how Microsoft disbanded the Aces team, including the one that created the last part of MFS: Microsoft Flight Simulator X. After that, hopes of continuing the series were gone ...
However, at the recent exhibition GamesCom , Microsoft announced a new simulator - Microsoft Flight!
The site of the new game has opened. There you can see a colorful video and read the news.
Many users are alarmed that the name already lacks the familiar word “Simulator” , but Microsoft promises that this will be a sales hit among simulators . Also, the senior director of the Microsoft gaming division, Kevin Unangst , confirmed that the alpha version of the game was ready for testing. He mentioned that the game will be even more realistic and accurate in details, but not only aviation enthusiasts will find it interesting, but also people who are far from it, for which some new game modes will be provided.

Let's see what happens. The estimated release date has not yet been reported.


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