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Augmented Reality as Seen by National Geographic

augmented reality
... Friends with twitter sit in the bar opposite, sorry for a bit of time ... By the way, the bar is well priced and sane, I’ll add a little note - I’ll have to look in later. In general, the place is good, the shops are nearby and the gas station is inexpensive ... I wonder if to rent that apartment will you get to the hotspot in the bar?
And here and stop - in 3 minutes the bus will come, it is just in the right direction ...

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Already, mobile technologies and GPS allow us to find out the location of shops, monuments, find friends, taxis and even toilets. And if for now you have to get a smartphone, then tomorrow it will be enough to put on glasses - and look at the world with a different look, complemented by a new reality (augmented reality - AR).
And the day after tomorrow - contact lenses?

Future now

And what useful mobile services do you use,%% username? What has already added to your reality?
PS: the image is clickable.

Inspired by National Geographic. ,
Yes, yes - except for one)

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