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Work with the site gosuslugi.ru

Recently, I also decided to go through a “quest” by registering on the gosuslugi.ru website. When registering, the “Patronymic” field was not marked as obligatory and according to the habit of registering on other sites, since it does not necessarily mean that it is not necessary, I did not fill it in. The first difficulties arose when confirming the SNILS.

Everything swore on the name and correct (to enter the middle name) did not allow - all fields except, in fact, SNILS were “readonly”. With the help of fierbug`a, he passed the third one (the last, if only three attempts are given to verify the number of SNILS) was tested. A week and a half later, a letter came with a code. Thrown like a friend from here Identification on gosuslugi.ru just in the mailbox ...
Having passed the last activation, I decided to try the capabilities of the services. The first in the list was the FIU. I tried "Get a notification about the status of the ILS" and in response

Code: 7
Title: Error! A discrepancy has been found in the user's personal data.
Description: Detected a discrepancy in the user's personal data.

(spelling preserved)

Well, I think, okay, there is the “Personal Data” section. Now there we will enter the middle name and try again, but it was not there. The “Patronymic” field is also inactive here, like many others. The service believes that a person can change, only “Date of birth” (why would?), “Phone” and “E-mail”. Neither the address of registration, nor the name. Asked those. support for the ability to edit at least the middle name field. Here is their answer:

To your question we inform:
The field is optional, as not all citizens have a middle name.
Need to re-register. having previously deleted the account.
Users whose account is activated must log in to their Personal Account (enter the SNILS and the password specified during registration), go to the Settings section, then select "Delete Account"

Users whose account is not activated must log in to their Personal Account (enter the SNILS and the password specified during registration), go to the link “Delete Account”.
Attention! After confirming this operation, work with the Personal Account will be possible only after re-registration.
The deadline for re-registration is no earlier than 30 days from the date of the previous registration.
After completing the registration procedure, a new letter with an activation code will be sent to your email address.

So take note of who is going to register on the site gosuslugi.ru.

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