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Commission when transferring money from QIWI to RBK money

Good time of day!
I would like to share how I tried to replenish the account on ebaytooday.ru.
The most convenient way for me is the transfer of funds through QIWI terminals, since they are everywhere and there are no special problems with them. Going to the nearest terminal, I was thinking about how I can order something on ebay today. After depositing money into my QIWI wallet account, I returned home and found the amount in the account. It just so happened that ebaytooday.ru accepts money from this system only through an intermediary, in the form of RBK money (this they strongly advise), never dealt with them, so I thought that everything would be okay. But…

The site was silent about the fact that the transfer delay is about two hours, but oh well.
Joy knew no bounds when I saw the payment on the account formed.
But wait, where did it come from that I did not pay 139.47 rubles ?!
Going into the mail, it became a little clearer.
It turns out that QIWI is mischievous about the commission, RBK takes a separate commission, but on the QIWI website, not a word about it. I turned to QIWI technical support for comments, I would prefer in this case a different translation method. I did not have the patience to go out to pay the missing amount on my wallet, then wait a couple of hours again for the transfer. I did not receive a response from QIWI, as a result I am now far from the payment terminals, I lack a small amount to close the account.

I would also like to be able to replenish an account on ebaytooday.ru directly from QIWI wallet.


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