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Video tour of the reference system "Pravo.ru"

In April, we wrote about the launch of the ATP project “ Pravo.ru ”. Since then, much has changed.

We decided that the best option would be to prepare a short video tour with an overview of the main features of the system. The most important and useful changes for you in 4 months we fit into 4 minutes. In the video review you can see what the reference-legal system is capable of, and how its capabilities will facilitate your work with regulatory documents.


Now you can work with the database of 3,470,622 regulatory documents , learn the meaning of 12,000 terms , view all arbitration statistics and find information on the arbitration case of interest. In addition, we added services to improve the efficiency of your work with documents. Search documents has become more convenient and faster. Search results can be sorted as you wish: by date, by relevance, by the receiving authority. Available independent viewing of two documents, sharing them with other users and much more.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102799/

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