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getColor.ru - online color picker that allows you to exchange colors

Probably not mistaken if I say that most of the useful solutions appear only due to the emergence of any difficulties. About a couple of such difficulties and one wonderful service that can save you from them right now.

Color picker

Many should be painfully familiar with the situation when suddenly a HEX-color is required a semitone darker or, say, more turquoise than it is now.
If you still do not know how to represent the exact RGB color in your head, you cannot do without a color picker that will do the work for you.

Personally, I know only three sane options, where you can take the color picker:
  1. A separate program specifically designed for this;
  2. Virtually any graphic editor;
  3. Online service

I hope the statement that the online service is the easiest solution will not cause anyone to doubt - the number of characters in each paragraph is a witness.

However, the search for a service that would satisfy all my needs, was not destined to be crowned with success. For the most part, such services do not have sufficient functionality and contain too much unnecessary information, dispelling my precious attention. I just had no choice but to make such a service that would suit me completely.
Meet getColor.ru - an online color picker for an unconventional way to deliver color using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Farbtastic to display a color picker.

Flower exchange

You never tried to explain to a blonde (no offense to a few blondes in Habré), what color, say, would you like to wear a t-shirt?
It will not be enough just to throw off the color a la # FF7F50, you will still need to explain what to do with this "cipher".
However, the situation is much simpler, if you can show this color, give a direct link to it. What, in fact, can be done with getColor.ru .
Here, for example, Coral . That is the color of the T-shirt appeared in my wardrobe six months ago. Not without the participation of the blonde, I must say.

The project is going to develop and there is already a list of improvements that will appear over time. Follow the project’s twitter and find out about innovations first.

I will be glad to hear about errors found and suggestions for improving the project.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102797/

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