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RGB Invaders for 10K Apart

RGB Invaders Continuing the baton, started by whoozle and dima117 , I want to submit my work for the competition 10K Apart .
When I found out about the competition, I immediately decided - you need to write a variation on the Space Invaders theme. Welcome under the cat to see what I did :)

So, in 10 kilobytes I managed to fit this (clickable image):

gameplay 1

Key features of my application:
As a programmer, I was pleased with the opportunity in practice to apply prototype inheritance in a very suitable place for this - all objects on the scene are graphic primitives and work in a similar way.
And of course I had to work on optimizing the drawing of a large number of objects on the canvas, since its performance in some situations leaves much to be desired.

If there are at least five habra people who will be interested to know how it all works and works, I will be happy to comment on the source code and tell you about everything in a separate post.
And yes, if you like the result - vote please :)

UPD: Many have expressed the desire to learn more, so in the next few days I will describe everything and post it in a separate post.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102787/

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