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Another way to find out where the customer came from, who left the order in the online store by phone


In the recent past, I have already discussed with the HF community, the task of determining the source from which the visitor came, who called us and left the order. In response, there was a good answer in the form of a topic with a sequel . The method is good for determining the sources of all calls and obtaining statistics on their processing. But I was not bothered by the fact that I had to buy several city numbers. The number of places where one way or another advertised the site a lot and for every number you can not buy.

In the end, I found a way to determine the source of the telephone order without additional material costs.
We placed a block in the left side of the header in which we wrote the following: "Your client code: 12345." The numbers are natural for everyone and depend on where the client came from. Now when placing an order by phone, the manager asks the client this code. And in the end, we know exactly what we got this order.

If the client recorded the phone and called later or simply closed the site, the manager is interested in where he came to our site. And executes an order with a code corresponding to the response of the client. It is clear that here lies the error of this method (simply because the client can say that he came from Yandex, and in fact he came from Yandex.Market, and not from the search or context, or nothing at all), but there are few of these error is acceptable.

In the admin site there are statistics on orders and their sources, including the dirty profit received from each source. That makes it easy to determine the effectiveness of placement.

The method may not be perfect, but there is no limit to perfection. Maybe you will write in the comments something that will change the world in this area.

PS This comment confirmed my last sentence. The world has not turned over, but my point of view on this issue has definitely changed.

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