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Great Apple service

My son had an iPod Nano, which he was very pleased with. But, like most boys at age 13, he wanted to have games and the Internet. In general, we decided to give him a birthday iPod Touch.

The son was immensely pleased with the present, but a month later the irreparable happened - forgetting himself, he ducked into the pool with the player in his pocket. Drying iPod could not be revived, I had to go to the store where it was purchased.

But something happened in the store that neither I nor the son ever expected. The consultant looked at the player, at the moisture indicator, and said that yes, repairs are needed, the board may be replaced. Then he asked when the player was bought, seeing that only about a month had passed, he said, it’s really unpleasant that it happened and said that since it was so short, he would change the player for free. Gave the coupon, said that as soon as the replacement comes, they will call us.
A couple of days ago they called, and today the son is already happy about the new iPod, knowing, of course, that this will not work the second time.

After that, I don’t really believe in the stories that Apple only thinks about how to cut the dough for servicing.

PS All this happens in the USA.

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