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Google Realtime - old in a new wrapper

Google Realtime Search ("Google Right Now" - in Russian) at one time was only part of the sidebar in the new search giant interface, the task of the service was to search for the latest updated information on Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz and other sites where you can Get public messages. Now this is a full service, which has its own page and its own logo.

Good Google knows what to fear in the near future.

Despite the fact that the official Google Realtime page is located at google.com/realtime , you will miss two important points if you do not visit this special link : filtering the results by location and displaying messages in the form of an evolving dialog.
By limiting the search results to a specific geography, you can get to know the opinions of people from a particular area.
You can use geographic updates to find news and events around you or on a specific region. For example, if you are traveling around the city of Los Angeles this summer, you can check the tweets for "Angeles" to find something interesting you can do right where you are, Google suggests.

If one of the search results is part of a dialogue, Google will display a link to the full version of this conversation.
Often, a single tweet affects a long conversation in the form of retweets and other responses to the first tweet, and in order to put them together and sort out the discussion, you have to click a lot of links. Now with the new feature of the full dialogue, you can view the whole talk in one click.

Google in its video clip also reminds about another service that satisfies your information hunger - Google Alert : updates on a given topic that will come to you in the box or to the reader as they become available. Our advice is that it is better not to use the function to send "as the results arrive" - ​​because there will be another source of spam.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102770/

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