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3D Projector

I did not see this news on Habré, and I thought that maybe someone would be interested too.
Two enthusiasts from Voronezh assembled a working version of a 3D projector literally from scrap materials
The medium for the projection of the picture is the water mist generated by the device, which is essentially the same as a domestic air humidifier. As it seemed to me, the picture is not quite “live”, but this is due to the technology of generating jets of fog. With smaller and more often located this vertical "grid" will not be visible. I would like only that the invention did not fall under the "cloth" or did not go abroad, otherwise we will see in a couple of years advertising the new TV from Samsung 3D Aqua
I apologize, I did not understand how to directly insert a video into the topic, so I give
reference to the source


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102767/

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