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Habrafutbol in the northern capital: a report

Last Sunday in St. Petersburg, too, gathered to play football. As it should be, the first pancake was a lump, however the game took place.

Attention! Under the cut there will be no tons of text and photos.

The morning of August 22 began in the pouring rain, so football was on the verge of cancellation. We had a little perezvanivalsya and still decided to play. Two people did not arrive because of my organizational slip, 2 people could not be, and 2 people disappeared somewhere :). As a result, six out of 12 people arrived at the site: andreycha , Nash , noRerih , 3ybHa9_Fe9 , ZooBestik , Ex3NDR .

However, having changed our clothes, we divided into two teams, set up a small gate and played holes-holes :). andreycha , Nash and Ex3NDR against noRerih , 3ybHa9_Fe9 and ZooBestik . The first half my team started cheerfully, brought the score to 5: 1. Then we relaxed, started getting goals in our gates and as a result, the first half ended with the score 6: 8.
Drinking some water, discussing who works where, began the second half. We were catching up, the opponent tried to hold us back. I didn’t manage to catch up and the meeting ended with a score of 15:12 in favor of noRerih , 3ybHa9_Fe9 and ZooBestik , with which I congratulate them again :).

Since there was no one to play, there was no photo report. There are only the faces of the heroes who have driven the ball through puddles :).


From left to right: top row - Ex3NDR , Nash , ZooBestik , noRerih , bottom row - andreycha , 3ybHa9_Fe9 .

Despite the small number of participants, we received our portion of pleasure and agreed to repeat it. I think somewhere in the first half of September. So, Petersburg is more active, more active! I am waiting in a personal email address (for further notification of the games) and phone (for prompt notification and reminders via SMS - thanks to the Tooth Fairy :)).

Play football. (c) Vasily Utkin

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