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RusTest Online - Learn the spelling of Russian words for free over the Internet!

Congenital knowledge of the spelling of the Russian language does not happen! It needs to learn over the years in dictionaries and textbooks. And studying a grammar is not enough, you need to learn thousands of “difficult” words to automatism.

But now you can learn the spelling of Russian words for free on the Internet! My site in random order shows words with missing letters. To go to another word you need to give the only correct answer. Each task was carefully checked in the dictionaries!

The site does not count the number of errors, and the number of correct answers in a row. This is a very quick way to memorize words - dozens of tasks can be answered in a minute, although many of them will be repeated over time.
This will greatly help avid computer scientists, since the process of learning the words of the Russian language will be easier to play in the "Minesweeper". Now the site contains a few hundred words, but their number will constantly increase!

You can also download the free program RusTest for Windows on the main page of the site!


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102755/

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