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Cheap Internet to give and not only

Now there are a lot of topics about the Internet in the country. What is there no, and a story about how to catch Yota with a plate, and 3g modems, and an overview of the Internet from boomburum . But to be honest, at the dacha I didn’t really chase after speed, therefore, after weighing all the “For” and “Against” I came to the conclusion that I want to definitely anlim and the cheaper it will be, the better.

First of all, it is worth noting that Yota is completely absent in my area, they tried to catch it, but this was not successful, and on the Moscow Yota map is still very far from my dacha, therefore, the most pleasant and optimal option disappeared immediately by itself.

The second point is worth noting that I absolutely did not want to buy a plate for the Internet, nor something more expensive than 1,500 rubles, so from my point of view, the expensive Internet in the form of the very same “whistle” from Skylink also disappeared for its value.
The third and final point was the habit of working on Mac OS X (I don’t want to offend Windows and Linux users, I just like the system) and therefore the Internet should be free to connect to my laptop without shamanism. From that moment began his difficult choice.
I will omit all the moments of the choice of the operator, I think that I will change the SIM card with the “country Internet” more than once, but now I have stopped at a service from MTS - BIT (Unlimited Internet from the Phone). The service stated that for 249 rubles a month, being in Moscow or the Moscow region, I get 5 megabytes of Internet at the beginning of each hour at the maximum available speed, and if 5 megabytes are exceeded in the current hour, the speed limit is 32 kilobits. Someone will find this speed very small, but remembering how I downloaded 3 megabyte mp3 files from the Internet for one and a half hours several times, I decided that it would be much faster than the good old wired modem of those times and decided to risk it.

First of all, I took a SIM card from the MTS, replenished the account, dug out a spare Nokia 7710 lying on it, inserted a SIM card into it, and tried to use it as a bluetooth modem for several days. I will tell you a secret - the most difficult moment that arose after the purchase of a SIM card was the disconnection of the Good'ok service, which was most needed for a modem, and what if someone calls it? It was necessary to turn off the service in the Internet assistant, as in half an hour, the service again mysteriously reappeared in the list. Having used this bundle in the country for 4 days, I realized that it was extremely bad:
1. The old phone did not know how to do anything other than GPRS, that is, we can assume that I immediately sat on the very limit of 32kbit.
2. The phone periodically strove to fail. This was expressed in the loss of communication, the hanging of the Internet connection, or even arrogant reboots without demand. The old man, what to take from him, but serves faithfully if necessary.

Unfortunately, the phone stayed at home, so I took a photo from the Internet.

Based on these points, it was decided to buy a 3G USB modem. At the first outing back to Moscow, I began searching in the nearby mobile phone shops. MTS and Megafon salons did not differ in originality and only had their own modems immediately with a contract, and naturally work only with the SIM card of this operator (for practicality reasons such “whistles” were noted right away - it’s better to have a modem working with any operator than 3 different modem). The same exact picture was observed in ION and Alt-Telecom. The picture in the Svyaznoy salons was somewhat different, after listening to my wish regarding the modem, I was offered the top of the technology - Modem-Svyaznoy for 1,490 rubles. When I was asked whether he would work out of the box in a Mac without shamanism, they honestly answered that they did not know. One could of course see if the corresponding icon is drawn on the box, but seeing a huge number of these modems in the window (apparently nobody takes them), he decided to try his luck in the last shops and only then, if anything, go back to them.

And, oh, a miracle, my desire seemed to be heard by higher powers, and I noticed a Huawei E1550 modem on a Euroset display case. From all the same reviews, I knew that he would work under a poppy and I decided to take it right away, since it cost 1200 rubles. Pretty girl asked the modem what color I want, and finding no more than standing in the window, offered to take it. Well, red, so red, I thought, and paid.

Here he is.

The installation of the modem took 2 minutes, and that, only because I did not read the instructions on the Huawei website about how to install it correctly (in the little book there was only a description of the installation under windows). The modem is installed, software too. By the way, it is completely optional in 95% of the modem use cases, but it gives a pleasant counter because of which I keep it open, and the modem is installed quite as usual and, after a short setup manually (honestly I have not tried the automatic one), it works comfortably. Its only drawback is that it is quite wide and having stuffed it into one usb, I can no longer use another, but this is more the specificity of an apple laptop.
Now I am writing this post, lying on the couch in the country, on the couch, just from this internet. For this month, I used a total of almost 250 megabytes, which would have resulted in no less than 1000 rubles for the Internet. During the autumn weekend trips to the cottage, not only the fare, but also the modem itself will pay off.

This is how the program interface looks in Mac OS X.

And so in Windows. Only in this operating system, you can also call.

The Internet at a speed of 32 kbps is enough even for a voice chat on Skype, but if the limit was 64 kbps, or at least 56 kbps, then using the Internet would be many times more comfortable. By the way, the Internet even liked my cat. =)

Thanks for reading my topic.

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