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Chiefs and how to live with them

Do you love your boss? I mean, platonic? Not afraid when he calls you to him? Have you ever seen him?

It is often heard, especially from young specialists: “The head is a tyrant (a bore, a screamer, a silent, a bad word in one word)!”. After my previous little article, which found, let's say softly, a negative response, it skipped about bosses in discussions. I propose a simple game: "What are you afraid of?" I hope this can be useful in life and at work.

This game is generally very useful, but especially in the annex to the chiefs. So, let's look at simple chief phobias and try to look for methods of fighting / living with such superiors ... no, rather, phobias.

Fear 1: "He will fire me!"

Tell yourself "stop"! And answer honestly to the question: is there anything to dismiss? You maliciously do not do work, do not come to work without references, “lose” important documents? If so, then this is not a phobia, this is the correct fear. It is necessary to drive such people so that the people do not disintegrate. And if not?
Then why should you be kicked out? Even with staff reductions, the necessary employees remain (I know cases when they also raised s / n!). Why? Because they are needed, they do some business processes correctly, quickly, intelligently. What business process are you doing well? If there is no answer - think about it.
If there is - then expand and then the dismissal is not terrible. Good employees snapped up and do not disappear!

Well, the "game" with this fear:
Dismiss -> there will be no money -> nothing will buy food -> children will grow up in the garbage -> you will die of hunger

So: how long after the dismissal you can not die of hunger (death - the worst outcome)? I believe that you have time left!

Fear 2. "He bores me!"

The same question: is for what? If there is, then an excellent vaccination, before entering the office, to drive away possible situations in the head, admit one's mistake / guilt / inaction. Do not avoid, do not hide, but vice versa. You will be surprised how much easier it will be to listen to even a matt-peremat, because (key moment) you do not resist!
Compare the two options: they rolled you up in a tambourine (the butt was sanded, the face was hurt). In the first case, you stoically held the blow, clenching your teeth and spitting them after. After the blow, the head is ringing, the blood is dark! And the second: you are relatively relaxed, ready to strike it at the tambourine (face, face) and at the moment of the impact did not resist, but deviated after the impact ...
So is the resistance: rigidly “holding the blow” - then in the tavern you get rid of beer, berating the authorities, modestly keeping silent about your influence on the situation.

If your fault is not. Really not, then ... look good! Just never scream like that. For example, you are a dark gray mouse that melts when you raise your voice. Timid bosses, having received a scolding from a superior, can be used :) Maybe it's time to stop melting?
More vividly the case: you repeatedly make "miscalculations" in the opinion of management. And once again, even if right now there is no direct fault of yours, it is so pleasant to thwart evil exactly on you! Because the argument is always in the bosom: “Well then for the old! In order not to forget the lessons "

Summary: look even in the mouth of a good matt meaning. By the way, it is not difficult to find him in just such a hysterical scream: he is simple, he repeats his refrain several times and alternates with “semantic pauses”. No need to interrupt the flow immediately (you are so resisting), let it go out, skip past you. Then you can say something like: “Did I understand you correctly that ...” and repeat the squeeze.

Sometimes it helped me to stick into a beautifully and correctly constructed phrase a thread mentioned curse word. Often sobering screamers. True, you can cause a new "stream of consciousness."

The game: noret -> the mood will deteriorate -> you will be angry -> you will have to plump / disrupt evil in your relatives -> the wife will be upset -> will be expelled to the street -> the family will collapse -> you will drink -> you will die among homeless

At what stage to stop - you decide. I recommend right on the first step.

Fear 3. “He himself is a sucker, he doesn’t understand, but he climbs!”

Those. you know better. Well, let it be true.
Then why prove it? Climb out of their skin? I think the real spec has already proved everything with results . Do you want to prove - do it! Do not waste time shaking the air. And if you can not do ... Maybe it's time to learn? Or be more modest?

If this is not true and the boss knows something better than you (for example, he steers 10-20-30 people like you - he knows better how to steer) - you can listen carefully. Maybe some simple wisdom intercept for free.

A friend of mine told me that he could not cope with a crowd of programmers (creative personalities!). And so, in a rush of inspiration, he came up with: for each week one of the programmers is appointed “chief”. His task is to follow the progress of the project, he had the opportunity to influence its parts, to accelerate something, etc.
After everybody was “boss”, the team became much more efficient and began to understand each other and their bosses.

The game: he climbs -> you prove him wrong -> he is offended or begins to argue (you have doubted his authority!) -> he begins to revenge -> they find fault with your work -> the atmosphere is heating up -> you are dismissed with a wolf ticket.

Is this your goal? If not, draw conclusions.

And as a conclusion: often claims against superiors arise from high hopes for their knowledge, power, experience ... This is in the Russian mentality. And these are the same people, with their own, often big problems, less young, tired, pessimistic ... It's a miracle, if the boss is optimistic, active and involves you in work simply with his passion. But as a rule, it is not necessary to hope so much that the HEAD will give you something. It is necessary to do it yourself and GIVE something to the boss (confidence, support, optimism, professionalism), then they will not be fired, and they will not ruin and will not go along with the advice.

Shl I'm lucky with the bosses.

ZZY Describe your fears associated with the authorities - discuss. Maybe it's not so scary.

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