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Presented color e-book


The Sharper Image company seems to have realized the dream of many reading lovers, especially those who prefer to read books through electronic "readers". This company, despite the fact that its name is not familiar to anyone, was able to create the device “The Literati” - an e-book with a color display. The size of the display at the same time is 7 inches, which is quite decent, agree. I remember that half a year ago Fujitsu also presented its own e-book model with a color display, but it was a reader for very wealthy people - its cost was more than a thousand dollars. Not everyone agrees to pay as much for an e-book, even with a color display. So, the cost of The Literati is much lower - only 159 US dollars.

How did the company achieve this? But who knows, but the device is full of itself functionally, as far as it can be judged by the characteristics. Note that The Literati is equipped with a WiFi communication module that allows you to download books from the Kobo resource.
The resolution of the display device is 800 * 400 pixels (the display is not touch, do not hope so). In addition, there is no web browser in the reader (really, who needs it here? Personally, it seems to me that such a function is superfluous in an e-book). In addition, there is no possibility of installing any third-party applications. Pure water ebook no frills.

150 books are delivered free of charge with the book, which are outside the zone of influence of copyright. There are two types of devices, the only difference is in color and design. There is a white model, and, accordingly, black.

It can not please the intention of The Sharper Image as widely as possible to distribute your device. For this, many such devices will be distributed throughout the world, and now the company has reached an agreement with 7,000 retailers, which is not so little. Retailers will have this reader in October.

Buying books is already a familiar way for many - the store where you can buy a book for your device is represented by virtual shelves with virtual books. Software from the Kobo service (preinstalled) allows you to access more than two million publications, including books, newspapers and magazines. It is clear that all this is not free.

Unfortunately, from the press release of the company, it is not really possible to understand whether it is possible to download third-party books in the usual fb2 and other formats. If not, it is unlikely that such a device will take root in the CIS, unless it is hacked (I think that this is not so difficult), after which it will become popular with us. Well, for now we are waiting for October, probably then the first reviews of the device will appear.

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